Diamond Charriol Ring

Diamond Charriol Ring

Are you fond of designer clothes? Designer shoes? Designer bags? How about designer bracelets?

If you are, then you are probably spending a considerable amount of time surfing the net or browsing shops in the malls to get that perfect one-of-a-kind wrist accompaniment. May this be for your own consumption or as a gift for a special someone or a dear friend, you’d certainly be awed by the magnificent designs.

Here are few of the jewelry powerhouses that you can visit:

The renowned New York-based Tiffany and Co. would probably be on top of your list of stores to shop for that perfect bracelet. True enough, they can offer you multitudes of designs. If you are overflowing with cash, then you may want to get their piece that has a touch of the Tiffany blue.

Louis Vuitton is not just about luxury bags as the high-end provider also offers a wide range of wrist candy. If you’re feeling picky, you can get a designer bracelet that features their trademark LV monogram. Now, this will surely send a strong message that you are for authenticity. Or you may opt to get a silver LV bracelet to keep a low profile.  

How could anyone not think about Chanel when you are referring to designer stuff? Yes, this Parisian fashion house known for luxury and haute couture fashion also has a lot to offer when it comes to bracelets. You can choose from a number of their charm bracelets available for sale. If you want to be more informal and spontaneous, you may even want to try Chanel bangles for a change.

Juicy Couture, now owned by the Liz Claiborne Company, also offers many a custom bracelet. From a simplistic snakeskin band to a wide chain model or to a fashionable charms piece, designs from Juicy Couture are indeed juicy!

Of course, make no exemption of Charriol. Although founded as a Swiss watch manufacturer, Charriol has long ago diversified into making timeless and amazing bracelets. From the overly popular cable bracelets to the white gold and silver arm beauties, Charriol will never fail to surprise you.

These are just few of the known designers for authentic and luxurious jewelry. There are still a lot. However, always remember to choose a brand that you can trust. This way, you will always get value for your hard-earned pennies.

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Diamond Charriol Ring
Diamond Charriol Ring
Diamond Charriol Ring

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