Diamond Cluster Cocktail

Diamond Cluster Cocktail

There are a great many designs of diamond ring styles which can be divided into various categories.

From the single stone ring, also termed the diamond solitaire, to the three stone rings which are often referred to as trilogy rings. By dividing the total diamond weight between multiple diamonds in the ring, the price of the ring is normally less than a single stone ring of the same weight in the same quality. This is one sure way of purchasing a one carat diamond ring at a lower price than a one carat diamond solitaire ring. Diamond clusters work very well in this way. They have in actual fact become extremely popular as right hand rings, worn either regularly or occasionally. The term dress ring or cocktail ring can also be applied to such rings. Diamond cluster rings need not purely be used for occasional wear though. Many designs lend themselves very well to engagement rings.

Diamond cluster rings have been made since man first started to set diamonds into rings. Designers such as Cartier are world famous for creating intricate pieces of finely crafted objects, many of them encrusted with a rich tapestry of fine white diamonds in a variety of shapes and combinations. Many of the Art Deco examples are simply astonishing in their attention to detail and balance.

Many designs of diamond clusters that are available can appear a little dated in design. For those with a more traditional wardrobe, this need not be a problem. For the more modern wardrobe and for those looking for a more contemporary feel, it is possible to find variations of the cluster rings, with new and innovative designs. Some, for example, incorporate a wedding ring fit. Rather than a need for a wedding ring to be shaped around the setting, some allow the wedding ring to fit under the setting, against the actual bezel of the ring. In this way a very neat, flush fit is achieved between the diamond cluster and the accompanying wedding ring.

Other styles of cluster rings that offer an unusual look take the form of ingenious settings that appear from a distance as solitaire rings. With each round brilliant cut diamond being fully faceted, the fire from such designs really is quite staggering. Consider also, that each diamond is at least G colour and SI1 clarity and the brilliance from each diamond can be truly appreciated.

For those people that love the show of a large central diamond, but the elaborate appearance of the cluster, many new designs are appearing that concentrate the focus on a large main diamond within the ring. Around this in circular surrounds, are rows of diamonds fashioned into sweeping curves, many of which spill onto the actual shoulders of the ring. Such designs of cluster rings are best shown than described since it is hard to put such a show of intricate diamond setting into words. Each of the styles mentioned are generally made in hard wearing precious metals which lend themselves very well to diamond setting. Such metals include 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold and platinum. The latter of these is the preferred metal for many rings since the metal is very hard, dense and naturally white. The cost of extraction and rarity along with demand, makes this the most luxurious metal for diamond rings.

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Diamond Cluster Cocktail
Diamond Cluster Cocktail
Diamond Cluster Cocktail

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