Diamond Double Heart

Diamond Double Heart

Ever tried buying a diamond ring? You will soon realize that this task is actually a lot more harder than it seems. Therefore, it is important to equip yourself with proper knowledge on what are the essential guidelines to take note of when buying.

Take note of the five basic rules to bear in mind when shopping for a diamond ring.

#1 Avoid Buying From Jeweler Mega Marts

Most people think it is fine to go to their local jewelry branch to purchase a diamond ring for themselves or to give as a gift. But experts believe this is not the best idea. Jewelry chains and shops usually mass produce their diamonds and most do not have proof of certification as to the authenticity of the diamonds they are selling. Diamond swapping is quite common, so you need to guard yourself against these.

It is best to go for manufacturers that are well reputed so you can be assured of the authenticity and quality of the diamond ring you purchased. Since manufacturers want to continue to stay in business, they’d be more than willing to provide what you pay for.

#2 Look For Certification

This is something that most buyers fail to consider. A certification is the only proof that the diamond you are purchasing from a jewelry shop is worth the price you are paying for. If not, then it would be a complete waste of time and money on your part. So, would you be willing to spend lots of money for a fake diamond? Most likely not. So you better seek for a certification next time you think of buying one.

#3 Use Actual Light

When you examine a diamond ring upon buying, it is important to look at them using natural light. Jewelry shops usually employ a tactical lighting system that enables the object to sparkle. This is a marketing strategy they employ to impress clienteles but when you use actual light, it does not really produce the same effect.

#4 Use Magnifying Glass

If you have no access to natural light, you can ask for a magnifying glass instead. Diamond experts believe it is one of the best ways to truly examine a diamond ring. The expansion of details of the image behind the magnifying glass will enable them to spot imperfections, true color, and clarity that is not visible to the naked eye.

#5 Think Of The 4 C’s

Carat is often used by people to determine the value of a diamond ring. But this does not solely guarantee that you have a good one. In addition to carat, you must also consider three more factors: clarity, cut, and color.

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Diamond Double Heart
Diamond Double Heart
Diamond Double Heart

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