Diamond Earrings Reserve

Diamond Earrings Reserve

If you’re stumped for ways to surprise your man for a holiday, birthday, or other occasion, men’s diamond jewelry might be the solution. More men than ever are wearing jewelry, and many stores today carry a wonderful selection of fine jewelry for men. Men’s diamond, gold, or sterling silver jewelry will appreciate in value over the years, and giving a lavish gift will help you truly pamper your man. Think of it as your personal way of saying, “I treasure you!” This brief list of diamond jewelry gift ideas for men will show you how.

1. Celebrate His Business Achievement

If he has just reached an amazing milestone in his business endeavors such as getting a huge promotion or reaching a goal in his own company, celebrate with him by giving a diamond tie pin or gold tie bar paired with a 14k gold money clip. Carefully package one or two of these pieces inside a new briefcase for an added special touch.

2. Men’s Gifts for the Holidays

For the holiday season, men’s diamond jewelry makes a great stocking stuffer. If your man has an older diamond earring, why not replace it with a new earring that’s set on sterling silver or white gold? Or, buy him that gold chain he’s always wanted. Place his gift in a small jewelry case inside his stocking as a surprise for Christmas morning!

3. Birthday Surprise

For his birthday, an appealing choice would be a 14k gold onyx and diamond men’s ring paired with matching gold onyx cuff links. To really distract him, wrap these in with his favorite golf balls or some other small gift item he can use.

4. Rekindle the Flames of Romance on Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries provide a great opportunity for romance. Reserve dinner for two at your spouse’s favorite restaurant. Request a candlelight dinner and affirm your love to him with a men’s diamond bracelet or chain, or an exquisite diamond and gold men’s ring. Ask the waiter to bring the gift on a special platter as a surprise!

5. Congratulate Him on a Special Religious Moment

Show him you care during a special religious event in his life such as a baptism or a new commitment with 14k gold diamond cuff links or a gold onyx tie pin. You can also choose from gold Lapis cuff links or silver and gold cuff links depending on what type of jewelry he likes.

6. Romance Him on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, illustrate your love with a new men’s ring, bracelet, or chain packaged with his favorite chocolates and a romantic dinner for two. Greet him after a long hard day at work with a romantic greeting card and give his jewelry gift during or after dinner when you find just the right moment. Idea: Place the jewelry in velvet red cloth stuffed in a fancy wine glass and have it waiting beside his dinner plate with the card attached.

7. Encourage Him during Stressful Times

Men’s diamond jewelry can be a great “cheering” gift for your man during stressful or sad times. Perhaps he’s recently lost a loved one or has recently had some discouragement on the job. Cheer him and let him know how much you care with a new piece of his favorite jewelry and words of encouragement in a card.

8. Celebrate His Fatherhood

On Father’s Day, show appreciation for the great father that he is by giving a new men’s diamond and gold watch or another fine jewelry item. Allow the kids to package the jewelry with their own handmade gift wrap, and also plan a family picnic or other fun outing on his special day. Buy a gift certificate to his favorite sports game or sporting goods store. Place a new men’s diamond ring, bracelet, or keychain in a small package along with the gift certificate.

9. Breakfast in Bed

For any special occasion, serve your man breakfast in bed and lavish him with a fine jewelry gift such as a new set of cuff links, a new diamond and white gold ring, or a new 14k gold men’s bracelet. Tip: Bring him a romantic breakfast with his favorite coffee or juice along with his morning paper, and carefully roll up the newspaper with the gift inside.

10. Just to Say, “I Love You”

When there’s no special occasion, you might just want to do something extravagant or out of the ordinary for your special man. Write a love poem and pair it with a gift of his favorite jewelry. Place the gift and poem somewhere noticeable before he leaves for work, such as in his car on the dash or on his desk at work.

To save time, you can easily shop online for men’s gifts and jewelry. Jewelry stores online usually offer an appealing choice of men’s diamond jewelry for every occasion. Overindulge in his gift to express your love and admiration for him. Men’s diamond jewelry makes the ultimate gift for the man who has everything!

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Diamond Earrings Reserve
Diamond Earrings Reserve
Diamond Earrings Reserve

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