Diamond Emerald Gold

Diamond Emerald Gold

From Beyonce to Nicole Richie and Camilla Parker Bowles, emerald cut diamond engagement rings have been staging a bit of a comeback. Originally fashionable during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s, emerald platinum engagement rings are once again popular with celebrities, royals and the general public alike.

They look undeniably glamorous and sophisticated and have a distinctly chic heritage. High profile stylish ladies such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly sported them during the 1950´s and made them popular once again during this period.

The emerald cut belongs to a category known as step cuts. Unsurprisingly it was originally created to cut emeralds and was designed as a way to produce the strongest stone without splitting it. This is because emeralds are vulnerable to breakage as they have many eternal flaws and imperfections.

Available as either a square or a rectangle, emerald cut diamonds use 58 facets which are flat and broad, rising up like steps. It is because of this openness however that it is essential to use a diamond of higher quality then would be needed say for a brilliant round ring, which is able to cover a certain amount of flaws. The edges are clipped and because of its shape, emerald engagement ring designs are restricted predominantly to claw set styles.

The most traditional cut for a diamond engagement ring is the brilliant round which is the best for generating maximum sparkle and brilliance, followed closely by the princess cut which is a square version of the round brilliant cut. While the emerald diamond cut does not give off as much sparkle and scintillation as many other cuts, it can be equally as devastating because rather than radiating continuous dazzle; its long edges generate sudden flashes of light.

This subtler approach appeals to many people and the good news is that it does not necessarily create the most expensive engagement rings because while other styles are still more in demand, their prices are kept competitive.

Gary Ingram is Managing Director of The Diamond Store.co.uk, one of the UK’s largest online jewellers that specializes in offering a wide range of engagement ring designs including emerald platinum engagement rings

Diamond Emerald Gold
Diamond Emerald Gold
Diamond Emerald Gold

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