Diamond Estate Wedding

Diamond Estate Wedding
Engagement Ring vs. Wedding/Reception…?

I guess that I need to ask this question again, because so many people got hung up on the phrasing of an engagement ring as an “investment”. (Thank you to those who did get the point the first time around.)

Obviously, it’s not a home…but it is something that lasts much longer than the whole wedding/reception ordeal (a few hours)…and diamonds never depreciate in value (like real estate). They are something that can be passed down to your children/grandchildren.

My question was: Is there anyone else out there that believes the engagement ring should cost more than the wedding/reception?
*Note: I already have my ring and my wedding plans.
**I want to know how YOU feel about it….

I believe that the wedding/reception should be as simple as possible. The ring symbolizes much more than the actual event does, and I believe it holds more value. I am not sure if the costs of the wedding and the ring are comporable. I do believe that no matter what, you should get the ring that best suits your wants and your budget. Throwing a nice party for the family and friends is nice, but your ring will last a lot longer than anything else.

Be reasonable about the cost concerning both. I do believe that the ring should cost more, but thats only because I can’t justify spending more than 2K on a 5 hour event.

Diamond Estate Wedding
Diamond Estate Wedding
Diamond Estate Wedding

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