Diamond Eternity Wedding

Diamond Eternity Wedding
Are you getting a plain wedding band, diamond one or enhancer?

My engagement ring is yellow gold with brilliant cut solitaire.

I’m getting a plain yellow gold wedding band to go with it.

What about you?

I’ve heard that “enhancers” are really popular instead of wedding bands. They go above and below the engagement ring.


If you have enhancers – is this instead of a wedding band?

But if you already have enhancers, then you can’t get an eternity ring?


Enhancers are popular but I don’t like them… they take up so much space on your finger, especially if you have small fingers. They seem too catchy and flashy and tacky (at least the ones I’ve seen). I want to get a band with channel set diamonds but not eternity (all the way around). I only want it about halfway around because no one will ever be looking the back of the ring, including me.

Diamond Eternity Wedding
Diamond Eternity Wedding
Diamond Eternity Wedding

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