Diamond Gia Cert

Diamond Gia Cert
Importance of GIA vs. IGI certification on a diamond?

So we’ve been looking at rings and I understand that the EGL’s standards tend to be a bit more lienient than the GIA. I also understand that the IGI’s standards are a bit stricter than the EGL but is still more lienient than the GIA. But in all honesty, is a diamond certified by the IGI really worth that much less than one certified by the GIA? For example, after shopping around what we are seeing is a difference such as:

Marquise cut

.75 carat
Color: E
SI 1
GIA cert

.75 carat
Color: D
VS 2
IGI cert

Is the certification really that much more worthwhile to justify a $500-$1000 difference in pricing (we’ve seen such a large jump for another store selling GIA cert diamonds). We’re just getting our feet wet and are trying to figure out what we really need to take into consideration and whatnot.

One thing left off on the 2 diamonds is the quality of the cut, that is an important factor. Also with marquis there may be ideal ratios.

IGI grading is supposedly softer than GIA, so equally graded IGI would be worth less, but not by the difference you are seeing. Difference should be about 10%.

For the most traditional marquise-cut diamonds, look for length-to-width ratios between 1.75 and 2.25

Diamond Gia Cert
Diamond Gia Cert
Diamond Gia Cert

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