Diamond Gold Trilogy

Diamond Gold Trilogy

Trilogy Rings are perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts you can buy your other half. They are also one of the most popular.

The three stones set in the ring symbolise the past, present and future.

When you are giving a trilogy ring you are simply saying ,

“You are my life -my past, present and future is here with you”.

Giving this ring at Christmas time gives the ring a double meaning as we can look at Christmas’s past, present and future together and the trilogy encapsulates this perfectly. Picture the famous Dickensian Christmas story of Scrooge, with ghosts of Christmas present, past and future…and show your loved ones that you are no Scrooge by presenting them with this perfect gift!

Contemporary diamond trilogy rings mark the renaissance of the three-stone diamond rings, so popular at the turn of the century. The three stone diamond ring is a popular choice for wedding and anniversary rings, as the three stones traditionally represent the past, present and future of a relationship and denotes lasting commitment. The middle stone is usually the biggest one and presents the present. Christian couples sometimes attach a different meaning when the two side stones represent the couple and the centre stone represents God who is the core of the relationship. When they are given during a very mature relationship the three stones can also be used in a way when the centre stone speaks of commitment and the diamonds on either side promise trust and respect. If you are looking for a timeless symbol that says more …a token of depth and emotion, then a trilogy ring is for you.

Diamond trilogy rings are also increasingly popular as engagement rings, because of their elegance and beauty and have become popular among some of music world’s greatest pop divas: Madonna wears one with round diamonds totalling five carats; while Toni Braxton has an oval-shaped centre stone with heart-shaped side stones totalling 4.5 carats.

Often these rings are given to symbolise 3, and are also ideal for the birth of a third child or 3rd anniversary.

When choosing this amazing gift think about the stones you are choosing. Diamonds are a popular choice, but trilogy’s can be made up of any gemstone, or perhaps a mixture of both. Diamond-sapphire-diamond or diamond – ruby – diamond are in demand. Perhaps if it is to symbolise children, a birthstone for each child is both a very special and unique gift.

Diamond trilogy rings traditionally use brilliant cut round diamonds or princess cut diamondsin a claw or rub over setting, but you can design one using any cut diamonds, like pear shaped or oval designs with round diamonds either side.

You can generally find Dimaond Trilogy Rings to suit all budgets and tastes and you can find them for sale both online and in the high street for between £250 and £2100. They also offer a wide range of diamond sizes and qualities, along with the settings of 9K and 8K white and yellow gold

So what are you waiting for?

Gary Ingram is Managing Director of The Diamond Store.co.uk. One of the UK’s largest online jewellers that specializes in selling Engagement Rings and Diamond Trilogy Rings

Diamond Gold Trilogy
Diamond Gold Trilogy
Diamond Gold Trilogy

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