Diamond Half Wedding

Diamond Half Wedding
Selling price for diamond wedding band set?

How much would you buy or do you think this ring could be sold for?

It is a 3 carat diamond ring
Center stone is one carat
rounds in center ring total one carat
each band is half carat
diamonds are set in white gold

Ring was recently re-dipped, not worn since dipping, ring is from Helzberg diamonds, and warranty is uptodate along with 6 month inspections up to date as well.
Also, all three bands are saudered together and the ring is size 7 1/4.


Clarity is a H-I
I appoligize the COLOR is H-I
The clarity is VS1

At the diamond center…A white gold ring with a .33 carat diamond in it is 499 bucks.

A full carat over 1100

Granted you cant just look at the carats…how about color? Any imperfections? What is the all around quality of the ring? You should probably give that info as well as it greatly reflects a Diamonds worth.

Diamond Half Wedding
Diamond Half Wedding
Diamond Half Wedding

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