Diamond Huggie Hoop

Diamond Huggie Hoop

Silver hoop earrings are associated with the three Cs’ of jewelry namely classic, contemporary and comfortable. Therefore the choice of silver hoop earrings is based on these three factors which vary from one individual to another. Some women may prefer sterling loop earrings with a small loop where as other women may consider large circles as being trendy and may feel comfortable in them.

Silver hoop earrings are commonly referred to as the circle of fashion through ages because they have been a part of the classic style for many generations. When it comes to selecting the perfect pair of silver loop earrings, women with long hair are generally advised to wear large hoops where as small hoops are a universal style which can serve as trendy accessories for the ears.

Silver hoop earrings can be bought either online or from a jewelry store but before launching on a search for these loop earrings, it is imperative for the individual to realize the type of hoop which is sought by him or her. Although traditional sterling hoop earrings are round and circular equipped with a lever-back or a snap-back closure, the last decade has been witness to innovation in this category due to which nowadays silver loop earrings are now found in a variety of shapes like squares, pentagons and other misshapen figures.

Silver hoop earrings may be small, broad, thin or large and may consist of any number of hoops like single, double or triple in form of drops. Different sizes of hoops are meant to match with different attire in the sense that an evening at the mall in jeans would require a particular size of hoops whereas a corporate meeting at the office would require a size of hoops which seems suitable for the occasion.

Silver loop earrings can be embellished with diamonds, pearls and other precious stones depending on the choice of the wearer. The stones as well as pearls can either be small enough in size to round the entire circumference of the hoop or large in size to be placed only on the inner as well as the outer edges of the hoop.

Silver hoop earrings with pearl drops are ageless and tend to suit every occasion whether formal or informal where as double hoop designer 925 earrings are meant for the young, college-going crowd. The small and medium-sized silver loop earrings lend an elegant look to the wearer regardless of the current trend and the age.

A discussion about sterling hoop earrings would be incomplete without the mention of sterling silver hoop earrings which represent a designer work of art and are considered by many to be truly classy.

Silver hoop earrings serve as jewelry for men and women alike as there are many designs to choose from. They may be in form of double loop earrings which consists of two overlapping hoops which are held in place by latch-backs or a huggie which is a thicker version of the usually found silver loop earrings.

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Diamond Huggie Hoop
Diamond Huggie Hoop
Diamond Huggie Hoop

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