Diamond Huggies Earrings

Diamond Huggies Earrings

Who would have thought there would be so many factors to consider when buying cubic zirconia hoop earrings? To select the right pair of cz hoop earrings for you, you’ll need to answer several questions. Do you want something more traditional or modern? Casual or formal? Eye catching or subdued? Styles and sizes also vary widely with different precious metals, diameters and hoop shapes. Selecting the right earrings to compliment your face will make cz hoops your favorite jewelry to wear.

Hoops are typically measured in millimeters, or if very large, inches. If you’re looking at precious metal cubic zirconia hoops, you’ll see the full weight of the earrings listed in grams as well as the carat weight of the stones. Make sure you’re comfortable with the size and weight of the earrings. If you are not accustomed to wearing large hoop earrings for several hours at a time, they can be mildly irritating at first.

Dangling hoop earrings are a light, playful, yet sophisticated option. They are comprised of a single cz-accented hoop with several chains of varying length hanging from it. Each chain may end in another cz stone, hanging down between 1 and 2 inches from the hoop. While the hoop is an important part of the earring, the focus is typically on the shimmering, dangling stones.

Banded or huggie hoop earrings are also relatively small in diameter (approximately 20-30mm) but have a thicker width between 8-12mm. This style often has a pave-accented exterior with the cz stones in several rows running all the way around the earring. While they don’t fall too far from the ear, they have an immense amount of sparkle and can be quite dressy. They may have squared edges or a more rounded, shell-like shape. Huggie hoops come in a full-size or ‘demi-hoop’ styles where the bottom doesn’t curve as high behind the earlobe. These can be equally glamorous and not as heavy as full-banded earrings.

Moving up in size, you’ll find medium-sized hoops with cz accents on both the inside and outside of the earring. These are usually individually set stones, sometimes with cz alternating with a colorful gemstone. For a modern look, you may like baguette-cut cz stones set in a channel style around the circumference of the earring. These are a bit less noticeable than a standard setting, but have clean, elegant lines.

Personalized cz hoop earrings have the script name spanning the diameter of the earring. The letters, layered in cubic zirconia, have an undulating wave look. You may want the sterling silver or white gold hoop which blends nicely with the sparkly cz name. Or, a gold hoop with the cz name is also very complimentary. Because personalized hoop earrings need to accommodate names up to 10 letters, the hoops can be quite large, between 30-40mm. They are a fun, casual look and your name will never be forgotten!

Classic hoop earrings also come embellished with cubic zirconia. You can find very thin bands lined with delicate cz stones. These earrings can be light and have a delicate motion. You’ll find these eye-catching earrings in sizes 1-3 inches in diameter.

Remember when shopping: Hold the hoops up next to your face to see how the color tone of the metal and the size compliment your features. Beautiful!

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Diamond Huggies Earrings
Diamond Huggies Earrings
Diamond Huggies Earrings

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