Diamond Irish Claddagh

Diamond Irish Claddagh
Gay wedding ring??

Ok, guys if you were getting “married” to your partner, would you go with the traditional gold/silver/platinum wedding bands. Or would you choose something with diamonds, or go completely nontraditional and choose something like a Irish Claddagh ring? Examples linked below:










Just to clarify, these are not for me. I was just interested in the community opinion. I am forever single. Oh and *Meghen* why dont you wear a ring that says “Bitch” that way everyone can stay away from you.

My partner and I chose to have a traditional gold band, because obviously, the unions in our community are anything BUT traditional, and are not considered “mainstream”, and it further underscores the fact that we are still denied the traditional right of marriage.

We think of it both as an expression of our love to each other, and a message of defiance to the powers that be who refuse to acknowledge our union legally.

Diamond Irish Claddagh
Diamond Irish Claddagh
Diamond Irish Claddagh

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