Diamond Marquise Solitaire

Diamond Marquise Solitaire

A diamond ring is a timeless classic, and not without a reason. Rather than wear a cluster of small diamonds, a huge and immaculate single rock is even more stunning when it comes to impressing the world at large. Trends suggest that white gold is a most popular choice as a band for a diamond ring than yellow gold. The most appealing factor about a diamond solitaire ring is its simplicity. It enhances the diamond’s splendor. Remember, you can find solitaire ring in all shapes. They come in shapes such as square, heart, and round.

Solitaire Ring: A Historical Overview

The custom of gifting a solitaire ring to a beloved goes back to history. It was a privilege of the elite classes. However, in 1870, the discovery of gold mines in South Africa made diamonds much more accessible and within the grasp of the general public. The South African mines had an abundance of solitaire diamonds, which was exploited by the European colonizers.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, colored gemstones dominated the market but by the late 19th century, the ‘tiffany’ setting became popular. By early 20th century, the ‘princess’ setting became a popular choice and continues to be most popular till date.

Tips to Buy Diamond Ring

Consider these tips before you decide to buy your solitaire ring:

* Budget and affordability are the first things to consider. A limited budget implies opting for shallow cuts as these are cheaper. Remember, colored diamonds are more affordable than colorless ones.

* Round brilliant diamonds sparkle and give the most luminous and striking appearance. Other favorites are heart and marquise shaped diamond solitaire rings. The shape of your ring is really important.

* Settle for a smaller diamond which has a larger appearance. A bezel setting does precisely this.

* The Internet is full of information, designs, price lists and details about diamond solitaire rings.

* The Gemological Institute of America is one of the top laboratories when it comes to certifying the quality of diamonds. Always ask for a certificate when you decide to buy the diamond.

* Your diamond solitaire ring is also an investment for troubled times. Go ahead and consider buying an insurance to protect it.

The four C’s of choosing diamonds, namely, cut, clarity, color and carat are also key factors to consider when you decide the value of a diamond solitaire ring.

Blending timeless beauty with trendy design takes expertise.

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Diamond Marquise Solitaire
Diamond Marquise Solitaire
Diamond Marquise Solitaire

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