Diamond Pave Hoop

Diamond Pave Hoop

Diamonds are forever and are girl’s best friends. Diamond hoop earrings are perfectly popular these days. From small one to massive pave hoops, these are a staple of any well-rounded jewelry wardrobe. We all know Elizabeth Taylor and her special fondness for gems and young pop diva like Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo, hip-hop diva extraordinaire also known for wearing such earrings on many events.

Along with a gorgeous pair of studs, every woman should have at least one nice pair of hoop. Whether you prefer pave with its striking sparkle, or the simplicity of a channel set row of princess cuts, these add a brilliant and dynamic new dimension to any ensemble. Some women may prefer precious stones along with diamonds set into them.

Hoop earrings used to be a favorite jewelry style among ancient Central and South American tribes, at a time when gold flowed freely and primarily held only decorative value. Now since diamonds have become very popular, many women would love wearing them. Diamond hoop earrings a unique design, pursued and appreciated for their sheer elegance. In this style type one may also host even just one diamond- solitaire, snugly fitted into its metal niche.

The earrings that take a turn from one side of the earlobe and join on the other end are called hoop earrings. The two styles are the hinged hoop ones and another the puffed ones. The hinged hoops are short rings whereas the hinged hoop ones are longer and have bigger hoops. There are an infinite variety of earrings to choose from depending upon your person style.

Diamond hoop earrings are both dazzling and unique and very popular. Designers make all sorts of combinations for hoop earrings. Many are set with only diamonds, while others are combined with other precious gemstones. Gold and white gold are mixed sometimes and the effect of these earrings can be very exotic and trendy.

Hoops continue to be a popular gift idea. Diamond hoop earrings are suitable for everyday wear, but are also beautiful enough for those special occasions. No diamond jewelry collection is complete without them.


Diamond Pave Hoop
Diamond Pave Hoop
Diamond Pave Hoop

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