Diamond Ring Bridal

Diamond Ring Bridal

The bridal diamond ring is one of the most treasured items of jewellery a woman can own.What bride doesn’t look forward to her new husband slipping a bridal diamond ring on to her finger as he says “I love you?”

The bridal diamond ring is not an inexpensive token of love and respect between a man and woman but if it lasts for sixty plus years then what price would you put upon it.

Diamonds and a bride go together like strawberries and cream, a white dress, a bouquet and a bridal diamond ring, a perfect match.

Do you have to spend a fortune on you bridal diamond? Well you will have to spend a fair chunk of money. It is generally accepted that a gentleman will spend at least two months salary on the ring but many will lay out a lot more to get the right bridal diamond ring for his lady.

What sort of bridal diamond ring you buy will depend obviously not only on your budget but the style and material of the actual band.

Choices of metal are varied from the traditional gold, through white gold and platinum to modern contemporary materials such as titanium. Mixed bands of white and yellow gold are popular because they will be easier to match with other items of jewellery that a woman may wear.

The main deciding factor in the budget will be what type of stone or stones to purchase. Diamonds are traditional and obviously sought after for their beauty and elegance, the sparkle of a diamond on her finger is what many women dream of, but it is not the only choice.

The bridal diamond ring may not have diamonds on it but a so called fake diamond. Fake is a misleading term so we will call them substitute diamonds.

Leading the way in substitute diamonds is cubic zirconia, a lovely looking mineral stone that will dazzle and sparkle in the sunlight. CZ as it is often referred to is a man made gem, principally in Russia where the scientist there perfected the art of producing a material of sufficient hardness with the properties required for making fine jewellery.

Many, many ladies wear CZ in their bridal diamond rings and are delighted with the effect it has on their friends.

The best substitute diamond in my opinion is the less well known Moissanite. Possibly the rarest mineral on the planet, silicon carbide to give it it’s proper name is almost more diamond than a real diamond.

Having a hardness second only to a genuine diamond it has refractive and reflective properties that actually exceed a genuine diamond. These are the attributes that give diamonds and Moissanite the fire and lustre that many women crave.

If a genuine bridal diamond ring is beyond your budget then I wholeheartedly suggest you take a look at the CZ or the Moissanite bridal rings.

If you are about to get married and begin a whole new phase in your lives then we wish you everything that you would wish for yourselves.

Scott Davies is a specialist in diamonds and jewelry at Diamond Engagement Rings Online Find out how to buy a Bridal Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring Bridal
Diamond Ring Bridal
Diamond Ring Bridal

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