Diamond Ring Guard

Diamond Ring Guard
Diamond ring with this description = is it a good value?

So I am looking into buying this ring. Its actually a ring guard/wrap for my engagement ring. Its absolutely beautiful. But I am clueless to diamonds. So based on the below description and the amount the guy is asking for do you think it is a good deal or not?

With very nice and colorless 14 natural round cut diamonds F color, SI clarity appx.
10 points each diamond and 8 marquise cut natural DIAMONDS appx. 20 points each marquise:
7 of the marquise cut diamonds are GH color, SI clarity and 1 marquise I color, VS clarity –

Total Carat weight appx. 3 CT’S -
14K GOLD hallmark – the guard is made from solid 14K GOLD
Weight very heavy appx.7 GRAMS
Opening space is 6mm.
Ring Measures 25mm (1″) Knuckle to knuckle

The asking price is 1400? What do you think?

If the stones are really what he says they are than it’s quite an okay deal.

To give you an idea: F color is a very good color, SI clarity means it’s not a clean stone, it has black inclusions etc… But that’s probably not visible in such small stones, and not with the naked eye.

Colors in diamonds go from D – M+, D being the best color (very clear white) M being a lower color which has a yellowish teint.
Clarity goes from LC – I3, LC meaning Loup Clean, so no inclusions at all, VVS is very minimum inclusions, mostly white. VS is minimum inclusions, often black. SI means with inclusions, mostly black. I is many inclusions.

The price is okay for the carats and also counting the weight of the gold.

Diamond Ring Guard
Diamond Ring Guard
Diamond Ring Guard

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