Diamond Ring Reserve

Diamond Ring Reserve
What type of jewelry should I buy my girlfriend?

I am looking to buy my girlfriend jewelry for our anniversary. I know she loves pearls, so I was originally thinking of buying her a pearl necklace. However, she would never wear it except when going out to a nice dinner or event. Then I was thinking of a ring. I know she likes diamonds and pearls and doesn’t like emeralds or rubies. A diamond I would reserve for a proposal, which is not what I want to do right now. I can’t imagine a pearl ring. I don’t know what to do? Any help?

I make jewelry for a living.
Of course I’d like to sell you the most I could to get the most out of you…
But you’re not here looking for a salesman, you’re here for an honest opinion.
So I won’t give you a link to my website.

She’s “just” your GF (not yet your wife) but obviously you’re celebrating an anniversary so there’s some future here.

Do you want to begin this relationship in such a way that she’ll expect bigger and better “things” (gifts) from you for each and every occasion? Or do you want to show her you’re capable of giving her a thoughtful and tasteful gift without going into debt in these dire economic times?

I’d bet on the latter.

There are many, many beautiful, simple, affordable pearl rings on the market.
You might even consider a ring with a half pearl surrounded by a very few melee diamonds (little half-cut diamonds) to sparkle and draw ones eye to the pearl.

I’m certain you could find a nice pearl ring in an antique store or a jewelry store that sells estate pieces.
I have a competitor who owns such a store, and I’m sure there’s something like that in your town.

Good luck! And congrads!

Diamond Ring Reserve
Diamond Ring Reserve
Diamond Ring Reserve

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