Diamond Ring Set

Diamond Ring Set

It is often said that when choosing the perfect diamond wedding ring set, the four C’s are the basis for finding the highest quality. Of course, a couple also has to consider their budget and personal style to be able to choose a perfect pair of wedding rings that they will cherish for years to come. In addition to the quality of the diamonds, a couple must also consider at least one other key factor. 

Consider the Precious Metal

The metal used in the design of the rings is also extremely important. There are several metals that will work well to compliment a perfect pair of diamond wedding rings.  The primary precious metals to consider are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Platinum is a metal that may be more difficult to find than gold. This is why platinum is always more expensive than gold. Platinum is an excellent metal for your wedding ring as it is one of the hardest metals and will work extremely well with one of the hardest stones, the diamond. On the other hand, being the hardest metal may make for some difficulty when it comes to repairing or redesigning the couples wedding rings at a later point in time. Platinum generally resembles a color similar to white gold although a bit darker. 

Yellow gold is basically softer than white gold in its pure form, which is why there is always another metal that is added to it to make it stronger. The higher the degree of purity of the yellow gold the more expensive it is and the softer it is. Twenty-four karat gold is the softest, and more pure, and is usually used for most wedding rings. Ten karat gold is a yellow gold that has a higher percentage of other metals which will make it stronger but less expensive.

White gold, on the other hand is yellow gold which has been treated in such a way to make the finish into a beautiful silver white but with similar characteristics to yellow gold. It is more expensive than yellow gold but only slightly, due to the cost of treating the metal. 

Always remember, spend as much time as you need to shop for the perfect diamond wedding ring set, because it is something which you hope will last a lifetime.

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Diamond Ring Set
Diamond Ring Set
Diamond Ring Set

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