Diamond Ring Setting

Diamond Ring Setting

There are many colors, styles and shapes when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond ring. Diamond rings are today available in many designs though the traditionalists still opt for solitaire diamond ring that has never gone out of style. The cut of the diamond ring is also significant. There are princess cuts and round cuts. There are extended shapes such as oval or marquise, pear-shapes and square shape. There are also the romantic heart-shaped diamonds and a number of other unique shapes.

There are some who prefer a cluster of diamonds as opposite to the solitaire diamond ring. Then there are several colors to choose from shopping for a perfect diamond rings. As most of you are aware, yellow gold, white gold and silver are the most popular diamond rings metals. Some women buy a diamond ring that would blend well with their other preferred jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc. Many diamond rings arrived in a set of matching jewelry.

Buying the set may be cautious because there is a lot of money saving. Think the lifestyle and type of work the prospective does with his/her hands. A tall stone with prongs could tear the dresses one is wearing and a fussy ring could be irritating most of the time. The perfect rings is of superior quality and remains happy for the person to keep wearing it all of the time. No matter how costly or sparkling the diamond rings is, if it is not wearable all the time, the wearer may feel upset.

The high-quality aspects of a perfect diamond rings are also resolute by the setting. Prong settings, better known as claw settings, should have at least four strong prongs though many opine six prongs settings to be stronger. For a more safe setting, opt for a bezel, end or bar setting. These kinds of settings have more metal encasing the diamond providing a firmer hold to prevent the diamond from falling out. You must keep in mind that nine-carat gold is harder to bend than eighteen-carat gold.

Titanium can withstand quite a bit of abuse, however due to its hardness, these rings can never be resized or repaired. In the finishing analysis, it is the personal taste and budget that determine the color and number of diamonds in a ring. There are roughly limitless combinations of different sizes and stone colors depending on the type of design. The buyer of perfect diamond ring should look not just for color, cut, and clarity but also for wearing comfort and visual beauty.

The most admired types of diamond rings include Solitaires that are single, simple rings with one focal diamond or gemstone; Ethnic style that are designs crafted to honor different cultures such as Celtic or Jewish rings; Art Deco considered flamboyant and colorful style using bright diamonds and bold metals; Vintage styles that are either antiques or designed to mimic antiques with period styles and designs; Contemporary styles that are sleek modern styles commonly done by most jewelry designers; Custom-built styles that are personalized styles. When examining different diamond rings, it is important to consider multiple uniqueness to find the best ring.

The setting, metal, and stone choice all add to the overall style to make it a stunning ring attracting wide attention. Another option to add uniqueness without sacrificing tradition is to choose a diamond ring with a large central diamond flanked by smaller gemstones. A mixed-stone ring captures the traditional beauty of diamonds while expressing personal meaning and sentimentality throughout colored gems.

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Diamond Ring Setting
Diamond Ring Setting
Diamond Ring Setting

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