Diamond Rose Gold

Diamond Rose Gold

As exotic as it sounds, there is really no such thing as rose gold. For that matter, gold itself is not simply gold, it is an alloy. Gold by itself is much too soft to be made into jewelry, so it is mixed with other elements to give it both its color and its strength. Since man has, throughout history, favored the color we associate with gold, it is most commonly made with the right balance of silver and copper to give it that color.

In the early 19th century, the Russian ballet had a great effect on all kinds of things from clothing, to art and music, and also jewelry. Everyone wanted to imitate the bold colorful costumes and designs of the ballet. It was during this period that rose gold was invented to provide a new look in jewelry. For that reason, you may sometimes hear rose gold be referred to as Russian gold.

Because its color can vary in intensity, it is also sometimes called pink gold or red gold. The reddish tone in rose gold is simply a result of how much copper is in the mixture of the alloys. More copper means the gold will have a deeper red color.

The fact that rose contains less pure gold usually means it will also carry a lower price tag. A great variety of wholesale costume jewelry is available in rose gold both in rings and other pieces such as earrings, bracelets and pendants. Perhaps because of its colorful nature, it seems to be very popular with the hip-hop set and the jewelry they prefer to wear.

Although not related to gold at all, rose gold is a term also used in the music industry to describe the finish inside some instruments.

Due to the date of its first use, rose gold is often found in vintage pieces that collectors may be selling. While they may have greater value because they are vintage items, do not be mislead by vendors who proclaim rose to be something rare and therefore very expensive.

There is no question that a rose ring or other piece of jewelry is unique. Many jewelry lovers feel that the subtle tones of rose gold set off the sparkle of diamonds or cubic zirconia so much better than regular gold, and there is no question that the softer tones give it a natural marketing edge. After all, rose and pink sound so much more romantic than yellow or white, don’t you think?

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Diamond Rose Gold
Diamond Rose Gold
Diamond Rose Gold

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