Diamond Round Brilliant

Diamond Round Brilliant

An ideal cut diamond is a round brilliant cut diamond that’s cut to such precise proportions that the light entering through all sides of the diamond is sent back out of the diamond through the table with maximum reflection and refraction. If a diamond is cut too deep, the light will leave the diamond through the sides and if a diamond is cut too shallow then the light will also leave through the sides and bottom of the stone.

An ideal cut diamond is not possible all of the time, in many cases, the rough diamond’s natural inclusions make it impossible for diamond cutters to apply ideal proportions during the cutting process. There are a few different versions of the ideal cut diamond, please take a look at the parameters and ideal cut diamond chart below, any round brilliant cut diamond that falls within the measurements below is an “ideal cut diamond”.

* Table Size: 53% to 57.5% of the diameter

* Total Depth: 57.7% to 63% of diameter

* Crown Angle: 33.7 to 35.8 degrees

* Pavillion Depth: 42.2% to 43.8%

* Girdle Thickness: medium to slightly thick

* Culet: pointed, very small to small

Are round brilliant cut diamonds that fall outside of the ideal cut parameters still good looking diamonds and should I consider them when shopping for a diamond?

Absolutely, most of these diamonds are still stunning, brilliant and fiery stones. This is where a person shopping for a diamond can really get the best bang for the buck. Please take a look at our recommendations below, it can be agreed upon by many in the diamond industry that any round brilliant cut diamond within these ranges will certainly be a stunning, brilliant and attractive stone.

* Our recommendation for table percentage is anywhere from 52.4% to 66%.

* Our recommendation for total depth percentage is 56% to 65%.

* Our recommendation for crown angle is 30 to 37 degrees.

* Our recommendation for pavilion depth percentage is 42 to 44%.

* Our recommendation for girdle thickness is a grade of Thin to Slightly Thick.

* Our recommendation for culet is a grade of none, very small, small, or medium.


Diamond Round Brilliant
Diamond Round Brilliant
Diamond Round Brilliant

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