Diamond Round Cheap

Diamond Round Cheap
What’s the difference between round diamonds and princess cut diamonds? Why is the princess cut cheaper?

Diamond shapes
Round diamonds, princess diamonds, marquise diamonds, oval diamonds or pear-shaped diamonds? What to think about before buying a diamond of any particular shape.

We’ve said that the shape of a diamond is a matter of personal taste. While a round diamond may appeal to a more traditional woman, a heart shape has greater appeal to the hopelessly romantic. But there are other considerations to take into account before making your final selection.

First, how will the shape of the diamond look on your hand? A woman with a small hand may prefer a round or princess shape diamond; whereas, a woman with long, slender fingers can wear a marquise, pear or oval shape diamond without having it cover too much of her finger to look elegant. The setting – or mounting — for a diamond also plays a role in how the diamond looks on a woman’s hand. A heavier, more elaborate setting, for instance, would not appear graceful on a smaller hand. Certain settings also enhance the beauty of a particular shape of diamond better than others.

Second, how important is size? Diamonds are measured in carat weight, but shape contributes to the appearance of size. A one-carat emerald shape diamond with a larger surface area (table), but less depth, may appear larger than a two-carat round diamond with a smaller table, but greater depth in the bottom portion of the stone (pavilion).

Finally, what shape catches the eye? If you’re looking for a diamond that will attract a lot of attention, you’ll probably prefer The Leo Diamond®. Whatever shape Leo Diamond you prefer, you’ll be wowed by its superior brilliance when compared with other diamonds of comparable quality.

Beautiful diamonds, like beautiful women, come in all shapes and sizes. It’s truly a matter of personal taste which shape holds the greatest appeal for you.

What shapes do diamonds come in?
There are eight diamond shapes that are most commonly offered by fine jewelers:

Round diamonds

Princess diamonds

Marquise diamonds

Oval diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds

Emerald diamonds

Radiant diamonds

Heart diamonds


Of these diamonds shapes, the most popular by far is the round diamond, which takes center stage in the classic engagement ring – a round, solitaire diamond set either in yellow gold or platinum. Shapes other than round are called fancy shapes.

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Diamond shape vs. diamond cut: what’s the difference?
Since you’re learning about diamonds, it makes sense to know the correct terminology. The terms “shape” and “cut” are frequently confused. People refer to an emerald cut diamond, but emerald is really the shape of the stone, not the cut. The shape is the geometrical form of a diamond after a diamond artisan cuts and polishes it.

Cut is another story altogether. Cut is one of the 4Cs – or characteristics of a diamond — that determines the value of a diamond. A well cut diamond is one that maximizes the beauty and brilliance of the stone.

Whether a diamond is well cut or poorly cut depends entirely on the skill of the artisan. Cutting a diamond requires experience, artistry, and precision. Each individual facet must be precisely carved and placed in a symmetrical pattern to capture and reflect light brilliantly. See how Return of Light affects the value of diamonds. A perfect example? The Leo Diamond. It’s handcrafted for superior fire, sparkle and brilliance by the master artisans at Leo Schachter.

You can recognize a well cut diamond by its fire and brilliance; but to be absolutely sure you can ask your jeweler for a GemEx report – a scientific measurement of Return of Light taken with a BrillianceScope™. It’s an additional diamond certification that comes with every Leo Diamond, by Leo Schachter.

Other factors to consider when choosing a diamond are:

• Certification

• The 4C’s

• Beauty and brilliance

• Branded Vs unbranded

• How much you want to spend

• Which setting you should choose

• The best place to buy a diamond

Diamond Round Cheap
Diamond Round Cheap
Diamond Round Cheap

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