Diamond Sapphire Bracelet

Diamond Sapphire Bracelet
Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Jewelry?

I’m getting married soon, and I’m looking for diamond and sapphire wedding jewelry. I am looking for earrings, necklace, or a bracelet (not going to wear all three, because that will be “too much” for my taste). Diamond is his birthstone, and sapphire is my birthstone. Anyway, I’m trying to keep it cheap, $100 to $200 per item. Does anyone have links for online jewelry stores that sell diamond/sapphire items?

Places I have tried:

J.C. Pennys

PLEASE do not list these places, since I have already looked there. You will not get 10 points that way. PLEASE do not tell me to look in stores since that is not an option. I just want jewelry sites that I haven’t looked at yet.

Thanks much.
Also, don’t tell me to freaking Google it…



Diamond Sapphire Bracelet
Diamond Sapphire Bracelet
Diamond Sapphire Bracelet

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