Diamond Setting Semi

Diamond Setting Semi
I am looking for semi mounts with lab created diamonds?

I have a beautiful 2 carat round brilliant lab created diamond set in a classic Tiffany setting. I would like to find another setting to put the diamond in.

I would like the setting to have 6 -prongs so the diamond is secure. Also, I’d like the setting to have lab created diamonds (NOT CZ). Natural diamonds would defeat the purpose of having a large LC stone.

Can you please advise me as to where to find a semi mount like this?

Also, where do I take the ring to have it set? There are lots of jewelry stores around here, like Kays, Zales, etc. They don’t carry LC diamond, though. Would it be wrong to take it to a place like that to have it set?

While I was looking for an engagement ring with my fiancee on eBay, I found many LC rings and mountings.

I also suggest asking a local jeweler to see if they can order settings for you and lab-created diamonds. Most local jewelers will have catalogs for you to look through filled with charms, settings, etc. They should also have a catalog in which they can order a specific stone type.

Good luck.

Diamond Setting Semi
Diamond Setting Semi
Diamond Setting Semi

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