Diamond Solid Gold

Diamond Solid Gold

It is no longer a dream to possess a wonderful piece of diamond jewelry because it is quite affordable nowadays. You can easily find fabulous designs at reasonable prices. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to buy exquisite pieces of gold jewelries. If you want your possessions to last for a lifetime, buy the highest quality gold that your budget can allow like 18K or 22K.

Solid gold jewelry is used to describe a jewelry that is all throughout gold like an 18K down to 10K. A 24K contains pure gold. 18K means 18 parts is gold and the other 6 parts is one or more additional metals. It is considered a 75% gold. 14K is 58.3% gold with 14 parts gold and 10 parts contains one or more additional metal. A 12K gold has a 50% gold content making it 12% gold alloyed with one or more additional metal. 10K gold is the lowest karat of gold in the United States with 10 parts gold and the other 14 parts of one or more additional metals. It has 41.7% gold content. When gold is combined with another metal, it is called an alloy. Some jewelries are gold filled or plated or gold washed. These are for everyday use, however, they can easily wear out because they are not durable and may cause skin allergies.

Whether you are buying a jewelry for yourself or for a gift to a loved one, it is a worthwhile step. Investing on gold jewelries is not a bad idea after all. It shows our innate appreciation of quality, elegance and beauty.

White gold jewelry has become popular usually elegantly combined with diamond. Although gold jewelries are patronized more because their higher resale value.

You may fancy to purchase an 18″ white gold necklace. with guaranteed genuine diamond white gold teardrop pendants to choose from. It’s an item that you would truly love to wear a sparkling pear shape diamond of E color and VS2 clarity. It’s no doubt a captivating valuable possession that suits any kind of occasion. It is perfect for anyone regardless of age and taste of a person. The teardrop pendant is an all time favorite design that has survived for centuries.

Avail of special offers that includes gemological appraisal for insurance with gift box packaging. It must be shipped with a reputable company like FedEx with insurance cover while it’s on shipment.

Some jewelry shops present a no risk purchase giving 30 days money back guarantee. This is an effective after sales service geared towards providing an excellent service to their clients. Some could commit deliver for two working days anywhere in the world. A considerable discount is given when they are on sale. Specialty jewelry stores present various fine jewelries that are in sync with the latest fashion and perfectly suit the complex taste of women. Designers work hard to achieve perfection in their work and come up with astounding designs that conform with the latest trend and at the same time timeless.

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Diamond Solid Gold
Diamond Solid Gold
Diamond Solid Gold

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