Diamond Solid Pinky

Choosing a diamond engagement ring is crucial, it is important to choose the perfect one as this is something your future wife will hopefully wear for the rest of her life. Diamond engagement rings usually have one diamond larger than the rest of the diamonds on the ring, or consist of a single diamond. These types of rings are called solitaire and often come with a wedding band as part of a set.

Make sure that the ring is set in a hard and precious metal. Usually, gold and platinum is used to hold the diamond. 18 or 14 K gold or platinum is the ideal type of metal. 24 K gold is too soft to hold the diamond.

Also consider the quality of the diamond. A 1 Karat diamond is the standard for an engagement ring. You can go smaller depending on your budget allows. Having one more gem (like sapphire) in the diamond ring is also good.

Be careful in choosing where you will purchase your diamond ring. Some jewelers may offer big discounts, but most of the time, diamonds that are offered in lower price are flawed. Make sure you can trust your jeweler, as an object like an engagement ring is very special. It is good to deal with jewelers that have been in the business for some time and has solid reputation.

A diamond ring is also a good anniversary gift. Some women want to receive a ring on their fifth anniversary. Usually, this ring has five diamonds on it. Men can also wear diamond ring, they usually wear in on their pinky finger.

When it comes to surprising your special someone with a special gift like a diamond ring, it is very important to know the size of her finger. Many guys out there failed to get the perfect fit of the ring for their woman. Most often than not, they give their woman a too big or a too small ring, and you don’t want that to happen to you. This is however an easy problem to solve, you can take your ring to a jeweler who can size them so it can fit properly. A perfect fit means not too tight, but tight enough so it will not slip off from the finger. Thus, sizing is very important in buying a ring. Many jewelers resize rings, but most jewelers’ charge a bit of money for the service.

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Diamond Solid Pinky
Diamond Solid Pinky
Diamond Solid Pinky

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