Diamond Solitaire Earring

Diamond Solitaire Earring
Are 1/5 CT. Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings a good size diamond earring?

I want to get my girlfriend diamond earrings for Christmas, is 1/5 ct a standard size or is that too small?


<3 What would be a good size?

Buy what you can afford. For ladies, the bigger the better, usually, but don’t go into big debt over diamonds for a girlfriend.

My college room mate and I had an expression when we saw our other male friends buying diamonds for their girlfriends…We said, “Yeah…I’ve already bought my diamonds”, as in that most guys have to do it just once in their lives before they realize what idiots they were because the truth is, most relationships break up for one reason or another. I am not saying that YOUR relationship is going to break up. You may be thinking on marrying her and I wish you the best of luck.

I bought my wife a beautiful 2 carot diamond engagement band in a fishtail platinum gold setting, adorned by four other 1/4 carot diamonds (total gem weight, 3 carrots). This I made up specially via a jeweler in the diamond district of New York that I had flown in to visit, just for this occasion. I was having something made up to match the wedding band I inherited from my mother which was the same setting, but with five equal size 1/4 carot diamonds. So total gem weight on her hand was 4.25 carots and she was so proud to show them off in her work behind the counter at a department store, selling cosmetics. People would look at her hand and ask with envy, “Did Zales spit up on you or what?” and she took great delight in that attention.

Well anyway, we were married for 10 years, separated, and imagine my shock to discover the engagement band I made specially for her, now with the 2 carot diamond wrestled out of it’s setting by obviously, a jewelers tool of some kind. She was dating a pawn shop jeweler at the time (yes when we were still married), and pawned the diamond I bought her to pay the retainer on the incredibly expensive divorce attorney she hired ($450 per hour) which I ended up having to pay half for in the divorce, thus extinguishing the children’s college education fund and our retirement nest egg.

Long story short, don’t go into heavy debt buying your diamonds. Love can be fickle which is why Marilyn Monroe struck a universal chord when she sang the song, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!”. Watch the video if you haven’t seen that scene. It might help you from getting blinded by bigger diamonds.

Diamond Solitaire Earring
Diamond Solitaire Earring
Diamond Solitaire Earring

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