Diamond Solitaire Pair

Diamond Solitaire Pair
What types of wedding bands work well with a solitaire, cathedral setting engagement ring?

My finace is trying to get some ideas on the best type of wedding band to pair with her engagement ring. The engagement ring is an 18kt white gold, cathedral setting with a solitaire, round brilliant diamond, 1.75tw. I would appreciate any thoughts on the type of wedding band that would work well with the engagement ring. She is pretty traditional when it comes to jewelry. Right now, we both think something with a little “sparkle” may work best with the solitaire diamond. Any thoughts or recommended resources would be greatly appreciated. We’re trying to get some ideas together prior to going to the jeweler. Thanks to all who respond!!

I have to respond to this. Sarolite, I may not know you, but I designed that ring in your first link quite some time ago. It’s probably a copy as I notice some gaps between the stones I didn’t intend.

Anyway…To the Groom Guy, when you say 1.75tw (tw=total weight) that implies other stones, are there any? A near perfect match to the cathedral can be done. Depending on how wide the engagement ring is, a wrap or a guard may not be practical. You want to keep this “everyday wearable.” If you want additional stones for the band, certainly diamond, you will probably be looking at something at least 3mm wide. A .03ct diamond is 2mm wide. This I give for reference. Ideally you want at least 1mm gold on either side to hold. Depending on how wide you want the band, this will come into play. This would (.03 ct dia’s) render out to 4mm wide. The best way to gauge how wide you want the band to be is to try on bands of different widths. Any decent jewelry store should have a selection of bands available. Even if they are yellow, the width is what you are selecting. From there you can plan the stones.

Here’s what I see, a band matching the slope of the ring, dipping down across the apex to draw attention in to the center stone…I wish I could include a picture of this…Diamonds channel set across the band.

I hope the picture is somewhat clear to you. Should you speak with a designer about this, they will know exactly what I’m getting at. The number of diamonds for the band is entirely up to you. Properly made, more can be added later.

This is a ring I would love to make. Kind of wish I was back on the bench again.

Diamond Solitaire Pair
Diamond Solitaire Pair
Diamond Solitaire Pair

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