Diamond Solitaire Stud

Diamond Solitaire Stud

Ask any fashionista and they will tell you diamond stud earrings are the number one staple of a properly stocked jewelry box. Simple and elegant, it is the accessory that goes with just about everything. Whether it’s a night on the town or merely a casual event, diamond earrings are the perfect way to flawlessly round off an ensemble.

While receiving this precious stone from a loved one is exhilarating, there is certainly no shame in treating oneself to such an essential piece of jewelry. The sparkle and the reputation of diamonds have permeated the history of man for thousands of years and have yet to lose any appeal. As many will agree, they are definitely one of Mother Nature’s best creations.

On top of being a wonderful accessory, these earrings can be worn by anyone of any age. A small carat size creates a very delicate look that is perfect for little girls and a larger carat creates a more lavish air for the mature woman. In fact, the diamond stud is now accepted as a unisex piece of jewelry worn by men as well.

Often a gift for birthdays and anniversaries, they are now bought to celebrate occasions such as the birth of a child, graduations and even long awaited job promotions. As is commonly known, diamonds are long lasting and have always been used as way to commemorate special events. Now they can carry deeply significant meanings to individuals for all life’s milestones whenever they are worn.

Though classic, they can come in a number of settings to suit the taste of nearly every individual. One can choose from traditional four prong settings to bezel settings in silver or even white or yellow gold. Diamonds can have a various number of cuts as well, such as the popular Princess cut.

While no one cut or setting is truly considered better than the other, there are many individuals who have their own opinion on the issue. The appeal of a setting or cut can be based on appearance or the preference of a certain type of precious metal. Others feel that a certain size always looks better with a certain cut and setting.

Regardless of whether one is male or female, younger or older, the wearing of diamonds represents refinement. While trends come and go at the tip of a hat, diamonds represent a timeless sophistication. It is ever so common for people look back at old photos of themselves and wince at the beehive hairdo or wide collared shirt; rarely does anyone cringe at the simplicity of this jewel.

While the stone will always be a precious commodity, they are no longer a fruit for the chosen few. Individuals from all walks of life now wear them. This makes the price range a vast spectrum where nearly anyone can find just what they want or need.

With availability bringing these precious stones to a much more reasonable price, one can now focus on characteristics to help determine price. The size, cut and certification of a diamond can all have an affect on what it will cost. Underlying issues such as market values can have an influence as well.

When opting for quality diamond stud earrings, it is important to always make the purchase with a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer is one that offers some type of warranty or guarantee on the diamonds they sell. The warranty should not only cover the stone, but also the stone’s setting and any other workmanship that went into creating the piece.

Andy West is a freelance writer for Itshot.com wholesale jewelry, which offers quality diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Solitaire Stud
Diamond Solitaire Stud
Diamond Solitaire Stud

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