Diamond Star Necklace

Diamond Star Necklace

The Phiten star necklace has been accumulating mixed reviews from users, whether professional atheletes or not. This is because this product promises significant reduced pain in the joints due to stress and fatigue. I’m not sure where the secret lies in this product, but I bought this for my mom a few weeks ago, just because she’s a bit of a brat when it comes to taking her medications, and this is the closest thing I can get to medication without sending her into panic attack.

I must say at first look, I found nothing extraordinary about this necklace but I was surprised in the end.  I had to convince my mom that it instantly relieves the pain she constantly feels in her neck and back once she wears it.

Good thing was when she wore the Phiten necklace, she said that she immediately could feel less pain and considerable amount of comfort. I’m not sure whether or not it has something to do with mind over matter, but my mom said that it works.

What made me believe in it more was when I found out that a lot of professional athletes actually use Phiten necklaces like what I gave my mom, not just to relieve the pain they might feel, but to monitor themselves when they have training, or to find out if they are going beyond their limits.

I’ve heard that even Ernie Els and Randy Johnson are big fans of the Phiten star necklace, so I think that I don’t have to worry anymore about its credibility. As long as it really helps my mom with her joint pains, and it helps her relax now more, I can take looking at her wearing something like a dog collar. I’m all for the Phiten star necklace as long as it’s helping my mom.

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Erika Ayala works part time for a consumer review company.

Diamond Star Necklace
Diamond Star Necklace
Diamond Star Necklace

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