Diamond Wedding Estate

Diamond Wedding Estate
ring choice?

do you like large eternity bands or solitaire diamonds with a plain band better? i’m trying to decide btwn the two and can’t make a decision. the solitaire and plain wedding band seem too safe, but the estate/vintage style eternity bands seem like there might not be enough diamond presence.


i’m already married. been married 4 yrs. just trying to upgrade the original rings.
the reason for the upgrade: my husband and i don’t believe in going into debt for material possessions. we bought the ring we could afford when we got married (i was 21), with the intention to upgrade on our 5th anniversary when we could afford better. we both graduated college and have great jobs. we have saved up and want to upgrade.

Just to address a previous answer…
There is no reason you can’t upgrade any time you like…maybe you are at a different financial status than before, and now you can afford what you really want. Lots of people may have to buy the tiniest little diamond chip, and plan to upgrade later. This may be a great 5th anniversay gift, or whatever.

I think an even more appropriate choice for an upgrade/anniversary gift is the 3 stone ring, with the large one in the center flanked by two stones on the side. They can be any shape, and the ones on the sides can be a different shape than the center one (like a triangle or trillion cut that points down each side of the band).

This represents past, present and future.

Maybe that could be your replacement engagement ring and the eternity band can be your replacement wedding band. The fun part with the 3 stone ring is you can mix diamonds with another stone, if you like sapphire for instance. It could be the main stone, or the side stones.

I really love the eternity ring too but my jeweler seemed to advise against it, you may want to discuss with a certified jeweler at a nice local store (not a chain store in the mall, tho I’m sure they have perfectly valid and certified employees of some kind).

So I chose the 3 stone ring, in all rounds. The wedding band will be a custom band with 5 smaller stones that bows slightly to hug the engagement ring. They will be soldered together after we get back from our honeymoon.

It was a really hard choice….so many styles to choose from and the antique/vintage designs are so ornate and eye catching. But eventually I had to go with my overall style (more modern/simple, classic even) and go for the 3 stone. Mine is in white gold, by the way, I don’t know if you mentioned your preference on the metal/color.

Diamond Wedding Estate
Diamond Wedding Estate
Diamond Wedding Estate

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