Diamond White Crystal

Diamond White Crystal

HTC introduced this snowy white design for adding more in its series of innovative and elegant designs. It is a perfect blend of style and simplicity and delivers the impression of an expert craftsmanship. The gadget is finished with glossy black metal from front while covers a white line from edges.

Main features of HTC Diamond White

  • This gadget works on the operating system of Microsoft windows professional and the processor is Qualcomm MSM 7210A 528 Mhz.
  • The internal storage supported by this unit is of 4 Giga bytes with the memory contribution as 256 MB for ROM and 192 MB for DDR SDRAM.
  • The weight of this unit is 110g including battery and offers the dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11mm.
  • LCD touch screen display with the size of 2.8 inches comes with VGA display.
  • The network types supported in Europe and Asia are WCDMA and HSDPA. Furthermore, a tri band technology is also equipped in this design incorporating GSM, GPRS and EDGE with the frequency bands of 1800, 1900 and 900 MHz.
  • For controlling the functionality of this unit, touch sensitive navigation and TouchFLO 3D are provided.
  • For audacious users, built in GPS and A-GPS applications are also supported. These features aid the users to explore unknown destinations.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with advanced version v2.0 enhanced data rate is integrated in this classic design.
  • The Wi-Fi technique is also integrated in the unit that renders enough assistance for transferring data from pc to gadget and vice versa. It also gives a boom to connectivity speed.
  • An FM radio with RDS feature is also incorporated in this unit, by logging into different stations the customers can keep themselves up to date with current affairs.
  • A 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus option is also incorporated in the design that captures sharp, crisp and crystal clear pictures.

Some other features are video calling and longer battery life.

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Diamond White Crystal
Diamond White Crystal
Diamond White Crystal

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