Diamond Yard Necklace

Diamond Yard Necklace
how much should i price these items for in my yard sale? millsberry question!?

hero’s engine – 7000?
diamond necklace – 1000?
antique lockbox key – 1000?

all prices are VERY flexible.. eager seller!

the people that buy it will be picked as best answer!

i am cherryicecloud, look me up!!

daidmond necklace-WAY to high-you caught that in the lake-i wold say 500 -600max-the antique lockbox key-you caught that in the lake too (probably) 250-500 max-hero’s engine-idk about that-but i wold only buy it if it was under 1500

Diamond Yard Necklace
Diamond Yard Necklace
Diamond Yard Necklace

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