EGL Round Diamond

EGL Round Diamond

Choosing best value diamonds is very subjective because what would represent best value to one customer would be way out of the reach of another. By taking a look at the way in which diamonds are appraised it is possible to see which diamonds would be the best value for you.

Not all diamonds are colorless, which is something that factors into the cost of a diamond. According to gemologists, such as those that carry out appraisals of EGL loose diamonds, the most expensive diamonds are those that have some color.

For GIA diamond rings, the diamond that is being appraised is placed next to a master stone that has been previously graded by this institute. Then it is compared to the master stone in terms of color quality under an ultra violet light. It may take the use of several of these master stones before a match or a close match is found.

Of course the best color for a diamond is none at all, showing that the diamond is pure. There is also a color grading scale to categorize the diamonds. The AGS (American Gem Society) used numbers to grade the color of a diamond, but the other appraisal societies use letter grades. Colorless diamonds have a grade of D, E or F, which is the highest.

Those that are almost colorless have a grade of G to J. Faint yellow diamonds are graded between K and M. The list proceeds to very light yellow with grades between N and R, and light yellow has grades from S to W. Fancy, yellow best value diamonds are graded X, Y, or Z.

The above examples are for grading yellow diamonds. There is a grading chart for other colors of diamonds that work in the same way. The most expensive diamond you can buy is a red diamond, which has a value of about $1 million per carat.

The number of carats in the diamond is another factor in considering whether you have best value diamonds. Carat is the easiest of the four C’s of diamond appraisal to understand. It refers to the weight and measurement of the stone. It is only natural that the larger the diamond the greater the carat and therefore the more expensive it is.

What many people do not realize is that the cut of the diamond plays a part in determining the carat weight. This is why the cut of the diamond plays an important role in the price and in determining whether or not you have best value diamonds. The main diamond cuts for rings and pieces of jewelry are:

• Emerald

• Princess

• Marquise

• Oval

• Round

• Pear

• Trillion

When appraising the cut of EGL loose diamonds or GIA diamond rings, gemologists also look at the precision of the cut because this can cause imperfections in the diamond and the way in which it catches the light. One of the main aspects is the symmetry of all the facets or points of the diamonds. The way in which the diamond is finished and polished also comes into play in determining the overall value.

Experts recommend that when you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring, you should be prepared to spend at least two month’s salary. For most people, the only diamond ring they ever buy or receive is a diamond engagement ring, while for others buying diamonds and diamond jewelry is an everyday occurrence that doesn’t affect their bank account in any major way. You may look at a diamond and think it is a wonderful choice because of your budget and another customer would pass it by moving immediately to a more expensive diamond.

Allison Ryan is a freelance marketing writer from San Diego, CA. She specializes in best value diamonds, EGL loose diamonds, and IGI appraisals. For design your own diamond jewelry, check out

EGL Round Diamond
EGL Round Diamond
EGL Round Diamond

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