Emerald Diamond Eternity

Emerald Diamond Eternity

Diamond rings have been a very popular choice for most jewelry lovers. If you love diamonds and want an exclusive piece of diamond jewelry you should buy a radiant eternity ring. This ring has a radiant cut diamond set in your choice of metal like yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The diamond is usually cut in a rectangular shape with rounded corners and these are cut in such a manner that they lend a unique radiant look to the diamond. Today, radiant cut eternity rings are a rage because of their versatility and also because a radiant cut diamond studded eternity ring can have other differently cut diamonds around it such as round or baguette shaped ones.

With plenty of different styles, designs, and shapes available, you have a wide range of radiant eternity rings to choose from, whether as a gift or yourself.

More About Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is a method of cutting diamond and is also called as cut cornered or rectangular cut. Out of the 70 facets, the diamond has 25 facets on the crown while 37 are on the pavilion and 8 on the girdle. These cut corners offer the advantage of minimizing loss due to chipping. Combining sophistication and elegance similar to that of Emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds have often been known as the “pioneer cut” of fancy diamond cuts in the diamond brand retailing industry. The first radiant cut diamond was used in a ring almost 30 years ago (1977) and though was protected by patent, is now free to be used by any diamond manufacturer. Because of the brilliant pattern of the cut, which is given to the crown as well as the pavilion, a radiant cut brings out the beauty, dazzle, and sheer elegance of the precious stone. Some even believe that a radiant cut diamond is much better in appearance than an emerald cut diamond!

It would not be wrong to say that radiant cut diamonds are an enviable combination of shape, elegance, and brilliance that can’t be found in either emerald shape or round shape diamonds.

Giving you the best of both worlds, a radiant diamond is actually a hybrid of a princess diamond and an emerald diamond. A radiant diamond eternity ring is a classic and can actually become an heirloom for your family’s future generations as the sparkle of this cut is never dull and definite to stay forever in fashion.

If you don’t fancy the regular emerald or princess diamond rings, a radiant diamond eternity ring will not just glow on your finger, but catch the attention and imagination of everyone who sees it making it a highly desired jewelry piece. The distinct cracked ice like appearance of a radiant diamond is one of its many distinctive features and makes a great option for not just rings but pendants and earrings as well.

Remember, if you want your eternity ring to be one that reflects your personality and gives you true value for every diamond dollar you spend, go with the best…go with radiant diamond eternity rings!

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Emerald Diamond Eternity
Emerald Diamond Eternity
Emerald Diamond Eternity

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