Enamel Crystal Butterfly

Enamel Crystal Butterfly

Brooches, were also known as fibulae in the ancient times. They were a great looking and practical item of jewelry which were designed as an attachment to the daily clothing. Pendants were usually, more often than not, manufactured from various soft metals and had encrusted gemstones.

But it was also possible to find brooches that were made of gold, silver or bronze which could also be decorated with gemstones. They are worn as either an ornamental accessory, or had practical aspects to them…which were to hold clothing together, such as a ladies neckerchief or cloak.

Many shawl pins can also be customized to your own liking. For example, if purchasing a fabric item, then it is possible to add a personal gemstone or pearl to the fabric, making it a unique design, which represent your personality.

The peoples of great dynasties wore pins in the bronze age as an ornamental clasp. They were also worn by Celts and migratory tribes in Europe. They were usually made in the shape of a large safety pin and were used as a means of holding clothing together. They were an important significance of the identity of the person wearing them, usually representing class. They came in various designs which indicated the ethnicity of class.

Ornately designed items were an important part of late antique dress and simpler designs were part of Roman military equipment.

Women would wear shawl pins in pairs to fasten their dresses, and single type were most likely used to fasten cloaks. Accessories like these have been made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes throughout history, with the decoration and design being different from region to region. Many years ago, with the expansion of wealth and the creation of a market for inexpensive jewelry, the brooch became a popular type of personal decoration.

Ancient brooches are prized items for collectors as they are often very well preserved and are relatively easy to acquire.

Today, many people still choose to wear a pendant as a decorative piece of art. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with or without gems. A few more popular ones these days are:

• Shawl

• Crystal

• Butterfly

• Pearl

• Animal

• Metal

• Silver

• Bronze

• Enamel

• Fabric

• Gemstones

A shawl pin is a piece of fashion statement that suits any woman. It is great looking no matter what age you are. Woman having a lot of money or not much at all to spend as they like on the perfect fashion accessory. These “look at me” statements are certainly not a thing of the past, they are very fashionable nowadays with all age groups. Because, they all look gorgeous, the only problem may women find when choosing brooches, is which style to opt for.

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Enamel Crystal Butterfly
Enamel Crystal Butterfly
Enamel Crystal Butterfly

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