Enamel Crystal Flower

Enamel Crystal Flower

We all know people who love to surround themselves with color. From the walls in their rooms to the paint scheme on their cars, these people love to live on the bright side! Whether it jumpstarts the creative spirit or just adds a touch of magic to the day, color intensifies our mood and glorifies our surroundings. So if you know someone who lives by the rays of a rainbow, make sure to give them a gift that adds color to their day! Here are some ideas:

Flower Arrangement: Can you imagine a world without color? No deep blue sky, emerald green grass or crimson red sunsets? It would be a dull, emotionless environment. With flowers, there’s always plenty of color to go around. In fact, flowers are among the most colorful gifts that you can give. Ask your florist to create an imaginative arrangement featuring contrasting color schemes. And instead of the everyday crystal or glass vase, request a colorful ceramic container of some sort.

Colorful Cookware: If they to love to cook and have a passion for great food, Betty Crocker has a wonderful assortment of color infused cookware. Select from enamel steel colanders, nesting bowls, high heat spatulas, silicone baking cups and even pepper mills in shades of orange, green and purple. Just visit their Web site at bettycrocker.com

Watercolor Painting: Vibrant watercolor paintings make wonderful gifts. For a really unique idea, have a local artist create a custom watercolor for your recipient using an old photo. Some ideas are scenery, children, special events, travel spots, family members or pets. This gift can take several months to receive, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Tiffany Style Lamp: Yes, Tiffany Lamps are more than expensive. But there are plenty of replicas on the market that are just as colorful and that make very thoughtful gifts. In the authentic market, the wisteria, dragonfly and peony lamps are among the most recognizable and thus the most sought-after Tiffany designs. You might consider calling a few lighting dealers in your area and ask if they have any similar reproductions.

Ombre Glass Oil Lamp: Unique and soothing, these oil lamps are based on a color technique called ombre, which means “shadow” in French. The colors gently blend to exhibit a glass globe filled with warm hues and sultry lights. Find them online at RedEnvelope.com

Color. Earth is filled with hues of every imaginable shade, from the bright yellow of the morning sun to the sharp cherry red of a limited edition car. We often forget that color is what really makes the world go round. So go ahead, give them the gift of color. Have fun looking!

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©2006 Kathy Burns-Millyard. Professional stock photography and freelance writing.

Enamel Crystal Flower
Enamel Crystal Flower
Enamel Crystal Flower

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