Enamel Crystal

Enamel Crystal
Will drinking crystal light cause cavities?

I have dramatically decreased the amount of pop I drink. So I don’t like plain water too much, so I’ve been drinking crystal light. Will it erode tooth enamel? I like it, and I feel like it shouldn’t, even though its got citric acid( doesn’t orange juice?). Please help me!
What I’m asking is the acid thats in it cause tooth enemel to erode, therefore making teeth succeptable to cavities. Any crystal light drinkers out there? Or a dentist?

it’s no worse than o.j, use brush regularly and you’ll be fine

go ahead have a glass! take a break from yahoo answers!


personal experience
and i lovvvvvveeee crystal light

Enamel Crystal
Enamel Crystal
Enamel Crystal

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