Engagement Diamond Trio

Engagement Diamond Trio

While engagement rings offer a near infinity of choices available to the couple searching for a ring, the truth is that there are relatively few cuts that are highly popular for this use.

An engagement ring, which must look appropriate under many circumstances, be safely set and stable even when worn under working conditions, is often a simple stone, or at most a trio of stones with minor chips as embellishment. The restrictions of a single stone in a safe setting, or a triad of stones similarly safely mounted, all intended to be suitable to nearly any event, means that choices tend to favor simple, elegant cuts that can be securely mounted, and which provide strong visual elements even when along in a minimal setting.

The most common stone of all is the round cut. Just what it sounds like, the round cut is considered by many jewelers the brightest cut with the very best fire, taking full advantage of every facet of the stone. Round cuts in what are often called “Tiffany settings” or raised prong settings, are the classic idea of an engagement ring: a single stone floating just above the band of the ring, with maximum exposure of the stone to light. A good round stone can look great in a Tiffany setting. A small, muddy stone, however, has nowhere to hide.

The long rectangle often called an emerald cut, as it is very popular for those lush green stones, is another well-loved cut. Less flashy than the round cut, but with great dignity and plenty of room to show off a large stone, an emerald cut provides an unusual and exceptionally stately option. Similarly the Princess cut, a square cut stone, provides a four-square, stable look with fair fire and plenty of security. Properly mounted these linear cuts can be very safe, with prongs guarding the corners and securing the sides.

Cushion cut diamonds are extremely flexible from the design standpoint merging well with other stones, balancing the shine and glitter of the round cut with much of the dignity and grace of the linear cuts. A cushion cut stone is a rounded off square or modest rectangle with the corners softened and the sides slightly curved.

Pear cut, or tear drop diamonds are very beautiful, but the uneven balance of the form is harder to use in a stable and simple setting. A solitary stone unless placed in a very carefully designed setting can look lopsided and out of balance — and many of the design choices that can make a pear cut diamond a delight do not mesh well with the hoped for eventual wedding ring. These lovely stones may be better reserved for earrings, necklaces, or rings that are intended to function on their own, not in tandem with a wedding band.

The Marquise, a long eye-shaped cut roughly oval but sharply pointed at each end, is often used in multi-stone rings. Combined with triangular trillion cut stones they are beautiful choices for a more elaborate, three stone fashion, with the Marquise taking center place flanked by a trillion stone to either side.

There are other stones, but these are the most beloved and standard stones of the industry, found in many beautiful combinations in many stunning settings. With a sense of these few cuts you have the foundations of most classical engagement ring design.

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Engagement Diamond Trio
Engagement Diamond Trio
Engagement Diamond Trio

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