Facet Crystal Beads

Facet Crystal Beads

The blue beryl aquamarine has an interesting set of mystic properties associated with it. Since ancient times this gemstone was believed to possess some metaphysical properties that make these gems truly special.

The history of aquamarine brings forth the fact that it has been considered the lucky talisman of sailors of older era. Because of its sea water color, sea voyagers had considered it as lucky gemstone that ensured safe and prosperous journeys over stormy seas.

Mystic Lore: A set of mystic lore hovers around this clear and transparent bluish crystal. One such mystic lore is that it is believed to be the best stone for the fifth chakra of human body identified by the energy center at the throat. An interesting revelation is that exotic aquamarine stones are supposed to increase one`s communication skills and personality.

This gem is said to instill cooling and calming effect on its wearers. It is said to offer soothing effect on sunburns and even on fevers. If you are wearing this gem then your tempers are believed to diminish. And you can expect your intellectual abilities to be enhanced further.

A stone of serenity and courage that is what this gemstone is said to be. Lovely and gentle gems, aquamarines are believed to posses healing powers that considerably reduce dependency on drugs.

Beads made from these gems have been found in ancient Egyptian mummy pits. In the east the popularity of aquamarine gems is immensely high since the olden times. In this part of the world it is said to be the “Stone of the Seer and Mystic”. It is considered to be the symbol of peace and imparts purity to the wearer.

Mystical Properties

The mystical properties of aquamarine have been felt from very olden days. History and ancient literature mention the popularity of this gemstone that prevailed during that age.

The strongest energies of these gems are in the field of opening up the psychic. Are you very sensitive to the vibrations and the thoughts of other people? Then this is the gemstone for you. Wear an aquamarine ring or pendant with smoky quartz and it will ease out the sharpness of the incoming impressions. In addition, the quartz help you get grounded in the physical world.

Magical Properties

Element: Water

Energy: Receptive

Powers: Peace, Courage, Purification and Psychic abilities.

It was believed to be the stone of the goddesses of the ancient times. The reason for this quite obvious; the color of this gem is that of the water of the sea. This blue beryl has been associated with sea and water all along.

This lovely and glorious stone is worn to increase the psychic powers. If you hold this gem or wear a jewel made from these gems then your mind will become more conscious and receptive.

Place this gem in a bowl of water and keep that in full moon for around three hours. Then take the stone out and drink the water. If you do so, it is then believed that you get purified and get heightened psychic awareness.

Glamorous aquamarine gemstone are not only pleasant and beautiful to the eye but also they have the mystic power to bring happiness and joy to the wearer.

Mithun Rao, a jewelry professional, holds degree in gemology and jewelry design from Mumbai and has spent 10 years in the industry (including running his own jewelry shop). With an obsession for gems and precious stones, he also shares a passion for music, painting and wishes to explore new places, and understand new cultures. He owns and manages the site gehnabazaar.com. To know more about this aquamarine -a march birthstone then please click on the link.

Facet Crystal Beads
Facet Crystal Beads
Facet Crystal Beads

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