Fashion Blue Crystal

Fashion Blue Crystal
Are black women a dream type ?

What do you think about this news ?

PARIS (AFP) — Though America stands poised for its first black president in history, the fashion world descending on Paris for this week’s couture-show summit will be treated yet again to a “white-out” on the catwalks.

“The market for fashion goods, emerging nations such as China, Russia, the Arab world, are countries that are not specially known for favouring social or cultural mixes,” she said.

“White models are without a doubt the easiest ways of attracting these clients.”

According to Renee Dujac-Cassou, who heads Paris’ Crystal models agency, “blue-eyed blondes have always been the dream type. It’s as simple as that.”

The number of non-white models parading on catwalks, she said, “will always be extremely limited.”

Even though its completey rude and discriminating, I am not surprised. Do we expect the fashion industry to have some form of moral fiber? This is the same industry that encourages girls to develop eating disorders and drug addictions, all for the sake of glamour. The whole fashion industry is a corrupted mess. So adding racists on their lists wouldnt make a difference.

Fashion Blue Crystal
Fashion Blue Crystal
Fashion Blue Crystal

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