Flowers Swarovski Crystal

Flowers Swarovski Crystal
What matches my wedding dress better [pics] help!!?

Hi guys!! A little help please….

This is my wedding dress (last row, second from the left)

I would like to know what style of hair piece would look better, either

or something like

I am marrying in a rainforest and having beach photos… so its going to be really romantic and intimate….

Also if anyone has any tips on what style shoes would look good, that would help too!!

thanks so much for your help everyone!! What do you think of an orange lilly (to match my bouquet??) if i dont decide to go with the above that is…..

I think your gown is beautiful. I like the feathered piece because it is… exotic, like the rain forest. I would go with flats. If you wear high-heals in a rain forest, you will probably sink into the ground. If you are going to be married on a platform, than heels are a good option; you want to be comfortable. If you are comfortable in heels – than go for it! Best wishes!

Flowers Swarovski Crystal
Flowers Swarovski Crystal
Flowers Swarovski Crystal

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