Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal

Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal

Every season has its own unique flavor and color palette. The lazy days of late summer have a distinct mood that is different than the feeling of early summer. As summer slides towards fall, the colors that you use for your wedding can get deeper and richer. Here are some suggestions for the best colors for a late summer wedding.

If spring is a time of pastels, then early summer is a time of true and pure colors like sunshine yellow and a lively pink. As the summer months really heat up, the ideal colors are vibrant and bold. Bright orange, fuchsia, and hot pink are the name of the game for a July wedding. But in the waning lazy days of August as the days begin to grow a little shorter and fall is in sight, it is time to think about introducing some rich colors into your wedding color scheme. The colors should walk that line between the brights of high summer and the rich colors of the autumn leaves.

A wonderful color to use for a late summer wedding is a sunwashed Nantucket red. This is the color of red canvas that has spent the summer baking in the hot sun. It is not a red that has faded to pink or the true red of Christmas; Nantucket red is a dusky relaxed shade of red that is ideal for a warm August afternoon. It has a classic appeal that is right at home in the beach, at a yacht club, or even under a tent in your own backyard. It pairs beautifully with a crisp nautical navy blue for a classic combination that is unbeatable.

Another terrific late summer color is a rich sunflower yellow. In fact this late summer flower would be the perfect thing around which to design your wedding. Mini-sunflowers make excellent additions to the bouquets and centerpieces. They are bold, cheerful, and have the perfect coloring for a late summer wedding. A simple sunflower motif would make a lovely embellishment when done in letterpress on the top of the wedding invitations. The sunflower yellow can be mixed with a few deep brown accents for a more sophisticated design scheme, or with a peppy red and white gingham check for a great picnic atmosphere.

Deep sunflower yellow can also be a nice choice for your bridesmaid dresses, as long as it is a color that will be attractive with the coloring of your particular set of attendants. Tone it down by layering in a deep brown sash. Alternately, you could try the reverse: a deep brown dress with a sunflower yellow sash. If done in a summery fabric like a cotton faille, it would be a great choice for any late summer wedding. You can also think about bringing your colors in with Swarovski crystal bracelets for your bridesmaid gifts. Make up your own mix and match set of bracelets made with Swarovski crystals in your colors for your bridesmaids to have fun stacking.

A muted purple is another color that is excellent for a late summer wedding. Think of the dusty purple of wildflowers, perhaps used in combination with a sage green. This is a fantastic color palette that fits nicely between the brightness of the early summer and the darker fall hues. Certainly you would want to plan your bouquets and centerpieces around these tones, but they would also be fantastic for the table linens and bridesmaid dresses, as well.

Have fun, play around, and experiment with different colors and unique color pairings to come up with your own perfect palette for your late summer wedding. Look for tones that have a depth and richness to them, while still retaining a hint of a sun-kissed effect, and you will have a winning color scheme for your wedding design.

Read Guy’s other articles on weddings,society and fashions and let us know what you think. Call us at SilverlandJewelry.com for help with your wedding jewelry or gift needs. Swarovski crystal bracelets can be custom made in your wedding colors for perfect bridesmaid gifts.

Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal
Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal
Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal

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