Gardenia Swarovski Crystal

Gardenia Swarovski Crystal

The winter wedding is magical wedding that coincides on the snowy winter, festive, and holiday months. The winter months start from late November to early March. The snow flakes float romantically in the air and come down slowly to the ground. In a few hours, the snow blankets all around to create and prepare for fabulous wedding setting.

The snow glistens and sparkles to your eyes as if the snow calls you to play. If you look real close, the white turns bluish in color. On a clear silent night, the stars flicker and shine heavenly. Thus, the winter wedding colors include white, light blue, and silver. Since the mistle toe is a green and red, the green and red color also fits the winter wedding. Think of ice, snow, snowflakes, ornaments, lanterns, fireplaces, ice sculptures, ginger breads, holiday decorations, and holiday treats as a winter wedding theme.

The white flowers works best for winter wedding like roses, calla lilies, carnations, gardenias, and magnolias. Although the mistle toes are green and red, mistle toes can be use as we use mistle toes for holiday decorations.

The Victorian church, winter village, large log cabin, historic mansion, and nostalgic castle provide an elegant and fabulous wedding venue. Ski resorts usually reside on a winter village. The winter village gives an unforgettable feel and character for wedding photos. A good example is Whistler, BC in Canada. A castle will do well for a venue too. For a new country, a castle-like or brick-like hotel or inn is a good alternative. The Banff Springs Hotel which is a castle-like hotel located at Banff, BC, Canada fits perfectly to the description. The large log cabin can make you feel at home as well. Also, any Victorian Church and Historic Mansion will etch the lasting memory in your heart. The wedding will be remembered forever. Lastly, you can dress up the pine trees with holiday ornaments and lights. The wedding photos will capture the festiveness of the holiday. It is like a wedding in holiday tree festival.

In cold winter weather, the white coats, furs, scarves, gloves, and capes handle the chilly and snowy weather. The snowflakes look magical in wedding photos too. Suddenly, the wedding is in winter wonderland. To add sparkles in your wedding attire, you can add diamond or pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The bridal jewelry complements the already stunning wedding dress. For the bridesmaids, and maids of honor, the Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconia Jewelry work as excellent wedding favors. It is a great treat for playing the vital wedding roles. You can also dress up the bridesmaids, and maids of honor with fluffy angel feather wings to create a team of angels in the wedding.

The fireplaces and candles add a never-ending charm. We like to cozy and warm up around fireplaces during the winter season. Several red, green, and silver votive on the fireplace release the romantic mood of the holiday and wedding. On a centerpiece, several ice sculptures bring the magic of winter season in the reception dinner. A snowman, ice globe, castle, and snow flake ice sculpture are a few of the choices. Or, the village of ginger bread houses works like a charm too. To add more holiday flavor, you can add holiday garlands, and flickering lights.

The wedding cake can sit on white tulle, cotton, and blanket to simulate a wedding cake on a snowy hill. The baker can decorate the wedding with ginger bread man, and miniature winter village.

The menu of the winter season is ham, and turkey. For dessert, you have a choice of roasted chestnut, chocolate fondue, ginger breads, candy cane, marshmallows, and mint candy. For beverage, you have hot chocolate, hot cider, eggnog, and sparkling wine. Hot chocolate can be spiced up with a hint of candy cane, whereas the hot cider can be spiced up with a stick of cinnamon.

The wedding favors of the season are holiday ornaments, snowflake-shape soap, scented pine cones, snowstorm globe, candle votives, ornament candle, holiday tree soap, holiday stockings, and ginger breads.

During the winter holiday, many come home to celebrate the holiday with our relatives. So, they are more likely to come celebrate the wedding with you. Best of all, most establishments decorates for the holiday festivities. So, you save money on decorations. A winter wedding also captures the magic of the winter and holiday season.

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Gardenia Swarovski Crystal
Gardenia Swarovski Crystal
Gardenia Swarovski Crystal

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