Genuine Diamond Band

Genuine Diamond Band
Is this a good ring for a wedding band?

I don’t know anything about jewelry, so that’s why I’m asking. It’s the Diamond Embrace Ring. Here’s the description of it. :

It’s hand crafted in sterling silver. It’s two bands One is shimmering in silver, one plated in 24K gold. Two pav’e “ribbons” embrace the double bands each glittering with 2 genuine diamonds. The final touch- your names engraved on the inside!
It’s only $100. So, I guess it’s not all real? I have no clue about jewelry, but I was thinking of getting it for my wedding band since I’m getting married soon. Just let me know if it will turn my hand colors. That’s really the main thing I want to know. Thanks!

Yes, it is probably real.
Silver is currently running around $13 to $14.00 per oz. As there is no claim to the quality of the diamond, so yes, those could be real also. Plating is very thin, and being 24 kt it will be very soft.

There should not be a color change on your hand. But it really depends on your body chemistry.

I have worn a silver ring for a couple of years now because I felt so bad for loosing the good ones, and the wife keeps buying a new one. The last time I suggested we get something a lot less expensive for every day use, go figure, I have not lost this one and we only paid about $16 for it. She did go buy a good one for dress up occasions.
Mine is just a very simple band made from half round wire, but the only time I take it off is when working on electrical stuff it is so inexpensive I don’t worry about damaging it. Amazingly, tooth paste will but it back to looking new. I would not try that on yours, the gold plate will come off, but it is easy to put back on, and not that expensive to have it touched up. For yours, probably just a tee shirt rubbing would be good enough.

Genuine Diamond Band
Genuine Diamond Band
Genuine Diamond Band

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