Glitter Hair Spray

Glitter Hair Spray
Using hair glitter spray?

Ok, this might sound weird. I was watching Miss Congeniality the other day and I noticed at a part of the end the contestants have a tiny amount of silver glitter spray in their hair and it looks really good. I was wondering if you’d be able to incorporate it for a night out while managing to look sophisticated.

But I was wondering a few things:

- does it wash out easily?
-Can you use it with hair straighteners?
-any particular trustworthy brands?

It would be okay, but do not spray a lot.
I would straighten it before spraying it, then there will be no risk of it melting or disintegrating.
Also, it will wash out in 1 wash.
Glitter Hair Spray
Glitter Hair Spray

Glitter Hair Spray

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