Glitter Lovehearts

Glitter Lovehearts

Well what garments do you look for in the shops when it’s raining and the summer seems like it’s gone? Of course some of us still have our summer hols to look forward to, but for those staring out of the window on another wet Saturday wondering whether to buy an umbrella or risk a t-shirt it’s baffling.

Personally I always think that August is Summer whatever the weather, and it’s t-shirts and shorts for me. Right now there is an array of t-shirts and singlet types to choose from, placement prints, you know the prints that are quite big and are on the front and sometimes on the back are in abundance right now. They are in really sheer soft polyester’s and some in poly cotton. These really are easycare and easy to wear garments and worn over a long sleeve tee or untucked over jeans they look great. There are a range of prints in these tee’s right now, from butterflies and love hearts to some really grungy icon and tie dye prints. The All Saints look has really taken off now, and not just for women, men also have a choice of some wonderful cotton and poly cotton granddad shirts, in plains and prints.

With Christmas on the way, yes I know it’s only August, but before you know it Regent Street will have the lights up again. Fashion wise there will be some fantastic party garments this time around. It seems to me that the major stores are putting in a serious Christmas effort this year. Glitter will be in abundance, frills with glitter, sheers with glitter and jersey glitters in all fabrics and colours. Bronze and copper and mother of pearl will be particularly in abundance and I really like this idea, I personally am a bit tired of the same old gold and silver every year. Now I am not saying that gold and silver are done and dusted, it’s just nice to see a new slant on colours for this year.

Now I work on a lot of prints and recently I have been working on some really interesting tapestry designs. Some of these look particularly good on ponteroma, the furnishing look on a fabric like this really works. Printed sequins is another winner for this year. Sequins will also be in abundance this year and the printed versions are really quite interesting. How are these produced I hear you ask, well I’m not saying, suffice to say they don’t melt during the printing stage ïŠ

So back to the beginning, yes it’s raining but let’s go for some more summer stuff, woolly jumpers and melton coats are months away in reality, and with global warming you might not need either until well into October, well here’s hoping anyway.

So never mind the rain and the puddles, get down to the high street and look for some wonderful printed tops, oh, and don’t forget to haggle, we Brit’s can do it, honestly we can.

This article was written by Tom Shurville, consultant to Totally Fabrics a online fabrics boutique where you can buy fabrics online. Visit the store today to see the huge collection at great prices. Worldwide customer base

Glitter Lovehearts
Glitter Lovehearts
Glitter Lovehearts

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