Glitter Polish

Glitter Polish

Emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, opal, topaz, aquamarine, tanzanite, citrine, garnet, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, jade, zircon, iolite, moonstone, amber, turquoise, coral, agate, onyx, bloodstone, jasper, pearl and diamond are beautiful secrets embedded in the earth belly. Some of them are minerals, some are rocks, some are glass stones and the others are synthetic stones.

They are not just exquisite but also hold some astrological value. There are many stones that have great healing powers. Therefore, these precious gemstones are used both in jewelry and also worn to draw positive energies from their respective ruling planets.

There is a wide range of amazing texture and colors to choose from, and the study of gemstones is very interesting. While many indulge in the study of their astrological energies, there are many who study the stones to create jewelry. There are many precious gemstones but the value of these stones is determined by the density, clarity, cut, rarity, polish, and most importantly the aesthetic value. However, in their raw form the gemstones are not very attractive. When chiseled, carved, cut and polished in the hands of a master it acquires the eye catching quality.

Many buy loose gemstone, unpolished or raw for investment purposes and since the value does not fluctuate drastically in the short run, like in stock market, they are a safe investment. A businessman buys gemstones for investment, a designer buys it to create jewelry but a woman will buy the precious gemstones for a thousand reasons.

The value of Diamond and Emerald are established by the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, carat and color. While the colorless diamond fetches the maximum price, the value of an emerald is higher if it is dark. The Sapphire which is a blue stone is valued by the size, color and transparency. After diamonds the Sapphires are used popularly in the engagement rings. Ruby is the birthstone of the Cancerian zodiac sign. It is nearly as hard as diamond and therefore, easier to maintain. They range from pink to bright red and the most valuable are the Pigeon Blood Red rubies. The value of some stone is decided by the impact they have on the stars. Interestingly some loose gemstones have a positive impact on an individual and a totally negative on the other. Many astrologers value the stones based on, its influence on people.
Glitter Polish
Glitter Polish

Glitter Polish

One must have a good idea of the gemstone before purchase. Now-a-days a wide variety of semiprecious stones are also available. These are stones created in the lab by mixing different minerals and cooled at a particular temperature. If the pattern is swirly and there are bubbles, then the stone is definitely not real.

These stones are widely used in jewelry and decoration pieces and over centuries have continued to impress mankind. Whatever the astrological powers, healing quality or market value of the precious gemstone, it is what meaning they hold in your eyes that is the most important. Like they say beauty is in the very gaze of the beholder. offers loose natural gemstones, loose gemstones and semi precious gemstones etc.

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