Gold Designer Diamond

Gold Designer Diamond
designer mixing?

is it wrong to mix designer stuff

i have gold juicy couture earrings, a diamond/gold chanel necklace and a coach bag thats gold too haha. is it bad to mix like that? like, mixing designer stuff?

should i just stick to juicy one day, chanel after and coach the next?

or does nobody care?
yeaa, its not like im wearing a completely gold outfit anyways, just my jewelry is made of gold and my bag has a gold tint to it..

heey whats up? LOLS

no, it is not wrong to mix designer stuff[:

dont worrrie, i ALWAYS mix up my brands~ hollister tank, hollister polo, and all the sudden american eagle sweater, etc.

its not wrong to mix up your style! anyways, let me tell you this, in a magazine, there was a box where there were WHATS HOT and WHATS NOT~ and just wearing one designer clothes is on the WHATS NOT

anyways, those are just opinions; i hope that helps and contributes to the answer your looking for.

and again, nobody cares as long as your confident with the way you look and a nice smile on your face.


stay KOOL! ~*

Gold Designer Diamond
Gold Designer Diamond
Gold Designer Diamond

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